We all dream sometimes, about something we want to have or do. Luckily, if we have enough patience, a real willingness and at least a pinch of determination we are able to make our dream come true. Our experience has also thought us to have the best and the right people beside you, because they are the main ingredient of every success. So this time we wanted to share with you guys a result of an idea and a great cooperation to make it real. “The Ash” - came to our minds as a simple thought - glowing roses - maybe as a some kind of symbol or maybe as a simple whim.
For now - take a look at The Ash!
The true icing on the cake — in the beginning of 2016 the world well-known rapper Future has chosen "The Ash" as a Cover Art for his new album “Evol”! We worked closely with Sony/Epic Records team on licensing of the “The Ash” and we believe that our visual is a perfect fit for the entire production. Well yeah, we all shed a tear...!
Creative Production Studio: Ars Thanea
Executive Creative Director:
Peter Jaworowski
Art Director: Michal Lisowski, Peter Jaworowski
Photographer: Szymon Swietochowski
Producer: Bartosz Cerkaski

Concept Artist: Michal Lisowski
Mockup Artist: Jaroslaw Polowiec
Digital Artists: Piotr Fraczkowski, Łukasz Wiktorzak, Marcin Kowalski
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