We had this idea a long time ago. Soaking colors, deep saturation, and a lot of magical dust. Everything was already imagined but there was always a "but”.

And the day has come. We have made up a decision about new website, and that gave a space to accomplish our old, dreamed and crazy ideas. We met with Szymon, we found “holi colors” straight form India, and we set up a photo shoot. 

We didn’t plan how to use those portraits after all, we just wanted to do it. So we did. A beautiful day, great energy, absolutely worth it. Just for fun.
                              Creative: Peter Jaworowski
                              Photography: Szymon Swietochowski
                              Photo Shoot Producer: Bartosz Cerkaski
                              Postproduction: Piotr Frączkowski

                              Models: Wojtek Lebski, Peter Jaworowski, Pawel Piotrzkowski, Michal Duszczyk,
                              Marta Piotrzkowska, Aleksandra Watras, Teresa Szabłowska, Dominika Siuda, Marcin Molski
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